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The Origin of Raftis Group dates back to 1975. The founder and the Director of the Group –– Mr. Savvas Raftis, is a Civil Engineer and Architect himself. 

Raftis Group was one of the first land development companies in Cyprus. 

Since recent years, Raftis Group’s main focus has been hotel ownership, properties development, real estate agency and land investments. This leads to the creation of Raftis Properties.

Business overview

Raftis Properties as one of  the Subsidiaries of Raftis Group,  offers off-plan villa-type properties as well as land and real estate investments. They are located at some of the most desirable areas of Paphos, Cyprus, namely, Coral Bay, Lower Chloraka, Kissonerga, Pegeia, Tala, Tomb of the Kings and Kato Paphos.

Tombs of the Kings
Paphos lighthouse


Raftis Properties is highly focused on developing in the city Paphos. The Raftis family who created this company was born and bred in Paphos for generations. As part of the community, we know and love Paphos


This is not the only reason why you should choose us to build your home in Paphos. The company’s founder, also one of our senior architect –– Mr. Savvas Raftis has 51 years of experience on architecture and civil engineering, who will make sure your future home is safe and aesthetic. 

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Multilingual Sales team

We are proudly serving the Paphos community as well as we welcome foreigners. Our sales associates are fluent in Ελληνικά, Русский, English and 中文.

Affordable prices

Last but not least, for the reason that we are a family business, we are able to minimise our administration expenses to offer you the best prices possible

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Comprehensive service package

Additionally, we provide many convenient services to help our client to have the smoothest and the most pleasant buying and post-buying experience ever. Included but not limited to:

  • Title deed transference consultation
  • Permanent Residency Permit consultation
  • Property tax and inheritance tax consultation (both exempt in most cases)
  • Partnered with law firm
  • Property management 
  • Care-free surrogate rental and resale
  • Cyprus discovery guidance
  • Investment partnership options

Our goal

Our goal is to offer our clients an easy, headache-free house purchase experience. 

Buying the home of your dream should never be an annoyance or a stress source. We want our client to be able to immerse themselves into the joy of having a new home. Therefore, we are here to MAKE IT EASY.

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What makes us unique

As we are highly Paphos-focused we acquire the finest plots for developing, we also know all the rules and tricks and which doors to knock on.

With our exceedingly experienced architects, you don’t need to worry about any technical issues or potential safe hassles.

Most importantly, we work closely with our partnered law firm, who will give you comprehensive legal support.


rental and resale Surrogate

You only want to stay in Cyprus for the summer? No problem, we will help you rent out your villa for the rest of the year; You are looking for an investment or to enrich your capital portfolio, we can be your rental or resale surrogate as well. No direct contact with your tenant needed.


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