Cyprus is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the Mediterranean Sea, but its magic is so much more than just a vacation island country. Being the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus stands out for its incomparable weather, its rich history, its high-quality education. And of course its chill, relaxed, lay-back lifestyle. 



  • Strategically located at the intersection of Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Dynamic environment for business and leisures. 

  • Natural gas discovery soon to sky-rocket the economy.

  • High living quality yet low living cost.

  • English is widely spoken in Cyprus.

  • Brand-new marinas, golf courses, casinos and malls.

  • Robust economy, GDP up by 26% since 2015

global business destination

Cyprus provides countless business benefits and opportunities for foreign and local business. Not only It benefits from a number of European Union conventions and treaties, but also has the lowest corporate tax in EU, merely 12,5%. 

For non-resident companies, they are eligible for a full tax exemption. 

enjoy the Laid-back lifestyle

Wake up at 10AM, have a croissant with a nice cup of coffee. Take a slow walk to the beach. Lay down, and spend the morning reading your favorite book.
This could be your every morning in Cyprus...
Cyrus provides the slow-pace island lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up the city convenience.
Now's lunch time! Walk back to the city for the countless restaurants and pubs. Then you can fill in your afternoon with golf parks, mall centres, SPA salons, or even casinos!

colourful port with boats parked and cafes around. Cyprus town.
tale blue sea and beach with buildings

Heaven-Like Weather

Cyprus is renowned for its 300+ sunny days per year. Not only so, it’s typical Mediterranean climate give this precious island hot, rain-free summers and wet, mild winters. 

Excellent education for your next generation

  • Cyprus is a world-class educational and research Centre of Excellence with high-quality academic institutions.
  • English education system is adapted by some schools. Students can choose take A-Level.
  • Vast variety of multilingual international school, including English, French, German, Chinese, Russian etc.
  • Cyprus spending over 7% of its GDP on education, makes it one of the highest in Europe.
  • The highest number of ranked Higher Education institutions per capita in the EECA region.
  • Universities in Cyprus are part of the EU Erasmus exchange programme.
2 euro coin

Low cost, high quality

According to an online questionnaire, in Cyprus:

  • Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,567.27€ without rent.
  • A single person estimated monthly costs are 730.79€ without rent.
  • Cost of living in Cyprus is, on average, 19.80% lower than in France.

Although with a competitive cost of living, Cyprus provides high-standard living quality. Top notch hospital and education system, efficient administration, vivid leisure choices, and much more…  

The mountains and the beaches

The scenery of Cyprus unfolds across glittering coasts, rolling mountains, fragrant forests and rugged headlands. There are many hiking trails in Cyprus where you can have the views of the sea and the mountain at the same time. Take a look to the Akamas Forest Nature Trail in Paphos district. 

Prefer the the sea and the beach? There are 49 Blue Flag beaches in Cyprus. 11 of them in Paphos. All Raftis villas are in walking distance to the sea.


mountains and beaches
Throni tis Panayias (Throne of Panayia) of Kykkos

Safety Matters

In 2020, Cyprus recorded a low crime rate of 1.24 per 100k population. This low number made Cyprus the fifth safest country in the world. 

Know More About Paphos

The gem of Cyprus, Paphos features a moderate temperature, mountains that jut into pristine seas, and gentle hills that slope into uninhabited harbors. Few places in the world can compare to the tranquillity and peace that the slow pace of life gives visitors and locals.

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